Thursday, May 31, 2012

Out of my Comfort Zone...

To grow as an artist it is necessary to experiment, do things that you wouldn't ordinarily do and of course, make mistakes.  Up until recently my photography was limited to photos of my daughter and I wouldn't have DARED call myself an artist.  But now I am taking chances and trying new things.  Sometimes I am happy with the results and I share. Other times, not so much and I chalk it up to another learning experience!

Tonight I went on my first photography meetup.  If you've never heard of meetup you should definitely look it up!  There is a group for every interest in every geographic area.  It is a great way to meet new people, get out and do fun things and (great for military people like me) get to know the area where you live better.  There are 800 members of this photography group and they ALL know more than me.  But they all started right where I am!

We went to Plymouth by the waterfront.  This was only my third time there ever, so everything is still new to me. That is a positive when taking photos; it helps to not be already bored with the scenery!  We were challenged to look at the small details to photograph, but I fond so much of interest that I took over 300 shots!  Here are some of my favorites (click on the images to enlarge):

Sunset behind a rose bush

The waterfront at dusk

The Mayflower II small boat

Brilliant Sunset Colors

Sunlight reflecting off store windows

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Leave me a comment if you have ideas of other places I might have fun with my camera!


  1. I love your photos! It's great to see how you are exploring a different side to photography. Beauty can be found everywhere! I would love to see your take sometime at Spohr Gardens in Falmouth! I know it is a bit of a drive but there is some fabulous things to photograph there! Downtown Sandwich is also a great spot!!

    1. We actually went to Spohr Gardens to do Easter photos, but that was before I knew how to do anything besides push the silver button! I will have to go back again soon! Downtown Sandwich would be lots of fun to photograph! Thanks for your comment!

  2. Great photos! Thanks so much for sharing. It sounds like a fun event, too.It's always nice to get together with people who share your passion and interests.