Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bring out your Inner Artist--with Watercolors!

Growing up I always thought I was an awful artist.  I thought art meant drawing, and I was no good at that!  My stick figures always had one arm longer than the other, or they towered over the houses they were supposed to live in.  I know now that it's because of my poor depth perception that I can't draw.  (This "diagnosis" was made by my high school shop teacher.  Sorry again about that hole in the table!)  Bad depth perception is why I can't parallel park, why geometry TERRIFIES me, and why I cannot for the life of me judge space between cars and I'm always that person holding up traffic waiting to make a left (sorry!)  Basically, my left brain works and my right brain is taking a snooze!

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that scrapbooking is not as much art as it is a mathematical equation about balance.  Picture on left + Picture on right = Balance!  A person like me really benefits from a sketch because the balancing act is already done!  As I have gained confidence with the basics, I have begun to experiment with some different techniques.  I have also learned to let up on the Type A a little bit!

Having recently discovered my love for all things artistic, I wanted to start early with my daughter.  So I broke out the watercolors and let her go wild (well as wild as a Type A mom can!)  And of course I had to record the momentous occasion!

I wanted the layout to have a museum feel to it, and I have seen a lot of "doodle frames" on other layouts, so I decided to give it a try.  Doodling isn't the same as drawing, right?!  

 So I drew 4 doodle frames with pencil around a square the size of my pictures.  Then I used regular Crayola watercolors to paint them.  I wasn't going for perfection here.  I was going for the Dr. Seuss look.
 To make the frames look like they were hanging on a wall I twisted some jewelry wire into a loop and taped it to the back of each.  Then I adhered the frames to my card stock using foam dots.

My inspiration for this particular page came from the awesome Picaso quote in the center.  I found the quote through, where else, Pinterest.  Here is the link for this and other awesome printables.

I hope more than anything my daughter grows up thinking she is good at whatever she tries to do, and that she has the confidence to challenge herself creatively.  And I hope she learns to do so before the age of 31!  And I hope I have inspired you to break out the old watercolors and have some fun!  Until next time...

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