Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Feeling Spring-y!

Here in Cape Cod the mildest winter in the history of EVER has been followed by the most beautiful start to Spring I can ever remember.  Everywhere I looked on this 70 degree day there were people walking dogs or playing at the park.  If I were a teacher this year I would be fighting with the kids to pay attention to me and not the pretty bird out the window or the custodian mowing the lawn (things they would never notice while playing video games!)

This beautiful weather has me making mental lists of all the outdoorsy places I want to take my daughter now that she's old enough to appreciate it.  Last year at this time I was waddling around 8 months pregnant complaining about how hot it was!  This year I have an almost-toddler who I want to share the whole world with!

Warm weather makes me want to scrapbook with FUN colors too.  I've had this awesome Echo Park "Country Drive" pack for a month just waiting for an opportunity to use it!

And here it is!  My daughter loves blowing raspberries so much.  When she LOOKS at this picture on my desktop she starts blowing them to the picture!  Too cute!

So my goal in this layout was to focus on these pretty colors.  I kept the overall layout pretty simple.  I hand cut some large scallops and used a 3/4 inch circle punch to punch 5 holes from each.  Then I backed each with a 1 inch circle.  I inked the edges of each piece to give them definition.

I had a lot of pictures to choose from (as I often do!) so I used Picasa, a free program that you can download through Google, to create a 5x7 collage with my favorites.  This makes it so much easier to scrap a bunch of pictures at once, leaving time to create extras!

My very favorite parts of the layout are the title, which was created by layering two of the same die cut letters to create a shadow effect:

and the rosettes, which are marked with a G and a D for Grace and Daddy!

That's all folks!  Thanks for stopping by!  See you next time.

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