Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Lucky Charm

I spent 12 glorious hours yesterday in what I like to call "Mommy's Disneyland."  I was at a crop in my favorite scrapbooking store.  I had plenty of projects to keep me occupied, and every time I said "This page needs..." there it was hanging from a peg or on a shelf!  I am so lucky to have a wonderful husband who supports my need for "me time" and to have a beautiful daughter whose pictures I love to scrapbook!  I look forward to these fun mini-escapes once a month!

The first page I worked on yesterday is whimsical and fun, which is how we roll in my house!  Although I used St. Patrick's Day paper, these pictures have nothing at all to do with St. Patrick's Day except that they happened to be taken on March 17.  My daughter was exploring and getting into trouble as usual when I saw an awesome photo opportunity.  I broke out the camera, always close at hand, because the setting sun was streaming in the window and hitting the floor just right so that it looked like my daughter was unearthing buried treasure from the filing cabinet rather than ripping apart mommy's notebooks.  Later, when I looked at the photos the title came to me as I thought about how I constantly thwart her efforts and take away  whatever it is she's into!  Thus was born, "Always After Me Lucky Charms:"

The background paper and the strip in the center are from the same sheet of Reminisce paper.  I loved how lively the paper was!  The two narrow strips of green going vertically are an almost crepe paper like ribbon that the store was selling by the yard.  

Upon the advice of a fellow crafter I matted the strip of smaller photos at the bottom on solid green.  I tried them without the matting but it looked like they were just floating in space.  One important rule of scrapbooking: always ground your elements to the page!

My focal photo is matted on the same solid green and accented by a shamrock covered in green glitter glue to draw attention to it.

I had a difficult time with my title because I wanted to incorporate this neat printable I got online:


Because I was at a crop and not at home with my computer, I was committed to the size I had already printed out.  I searched high and low for just the right font and finally settled on a Die-Namics die and some black card stock.  The charms were a WOW find; I was so excited to find such a perfect addition to the page.  They are a Tim Holtz product and they come with pain charms, alphabet stickers, and epoxy stickers to place on top.

I had so much fun with this layout!  It is one of those everyday moments that take your breath away.  There are lots of them around here with our little Grace!  I think it is often more fun to scrap the every day pictures than the "important event" pictures.  I hope I have inspired you to pick up the camera today and photograph a bit of the everyday and realize just how special those moments can be!

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