Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My little nerd...

You have babies so you can dress them up and take silly pictures of them, right?!  Please tell me I'm not alone in thinking that children are THE most amusing things on God's green Earth?!  I know I'm not alone, because otherwise Anne Geddes never would have had a market for her crazy baby photos.  But why buy an Anne Geddes when I have my own cute baby?!

So one day I was sitting on the kitchen floor with my daughter playing with a wooden spoon while my husband made dinner (isn't he sweet?!).  I decided that my daughter wearing my glasses was probably the funniest thing, well, since the last crazy photo op (and if you read my blog you'll see plenty!)   So I had hubby snap some pictures.  I was so happy with how they turned out, and I really loved how her feet looked like monkey feet in the first photo!  Since the pictures were so adorable, I felt they deserved special treatment and I thought long and hard about how to present them on a layout.

During one of my many visits to Pinterest, I had seen a layout from the BasicGrey blog I just HAD to try myself.  It was created by Kelly Goree and posted on the Basic Grey blog on January 29, 2012.  Here is her layout and the link:

I just loved the way the bottom third of her page was three-dimensional and looked like a quilt.  Obviously the colors she chose for her awesome layout would not work for mine, nor would the waves.  But I took the basic structure of this layout and made it my own.

My pink striped background paper, some older stuff from Stampin' Up, just screamed NERD to me.  I used one sheet of the striped paper to create my top and bottom portions and used a Fiskars edge punch to make it girly.  I chose two neutral colors to go along with it because my other patterns were so busy.  I just love the way pink and brown look together, so I chose a nice chocolatey brown to lay the striped portions on.  

Next I worked on the "quilt."  It needed to be matted so the patterns didn't clash, so I chose an off-white.  I cut 6 circles from each pattern and just folded the edges all down.  I paid attention to the measurement of the square part I'd be glueing to the off-white to ensure even spacing.  It took some adjusting but I think it paid off in the end!

I thought my title needed to be simple since the page had so much going on, so I traced some chipboard letters I had onto the off-white paper.  But I thought that was boring by itself, so I added some math equations to go with the nerd theme.

A handful of flowers in the upper right corner and some stickers finish off the page.  And there you have my little nerd!  Thanks for stopping by!

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