Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hooray Chevrons!

Because of my maaannnnyyyy hours on Pinterest and reading the blogs of other scrapbookers, I see a lot of new scrapbook trends that I just have to try.  Overall I would like to say that my style is quite eclectic, and I am not opposed to trying something typically out of my comfort zone.  I am all about "finding myself as an artist."  As a rule, if it makes me happy then it was a success!  And chevrons...well they make me happy!  They are just!  And since these pictures of my daughter were so fun, they had to be paired with a fun technique:

Scrapbook trends tend to follow the fashion world, and you may have seen these zig zag patterns on clothing, home decor and other places as well.  Often you see the chevron pattern in one color across the page, but I happened to see a layout similar to this one and had to try the technique.  Where did I see it?  Pinterest of course!  But I traced it back to the original source so here is the original layout and the link:

What I liked about this layout was the open space and how the focus was on the technique. I also liked the way this scrapbooker used many different patterns in a random fashion.  So I had to try it for myself. 

I started with 1 inch long parallelograms (thanks Maureen!) and a handful of papers that worked well with the coral colored pattern on my daughter's shirt.  That in itself was a challenge!  I adhered the shapes to the paper as I cut them because they were so small and I didn't want to do the work twice!  I just made sure one edge lined up with the next.

 When I was done, because I had hand-traced and cut the pieces (rather than using a punch) they did not line up perfectly at the edge. So to fix that problem I trimmed the light brown card stock and matted it.  Then I adhered my pictures, ran a piece of sheer brown ribbon across and added a heart charm.   My title is done in Amy Tangerine Thickers.

And that is all!  Thanks for reading.  Leave a comment to say hello!  See you next time!

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