Monday, April 2, 2012

Finding Inspiration

I took the weekend off from posting because I had some fantastic family time!  Saturday we took my daughter to her first Easter Egg Hunt (can't way to scrap it!) and Sunday was a relaxing birthday at home!

But now I am back some more fun! 

Today I am sharing two layouts to show how one piece of inspiration can take you indifferent directions.  I used the same layout as inspiration to complete both of these projects, which each turned out quite differently!  That is why I love, love, LOVE to look at the work of other scrapbookers and learn from their talent.

Both of these layouts were inspired by the same sketch by Kelly Purkey, who is quite talented!  Here is her original:
What totally inspired me about this layout was the tags and I just had to try it myself!  I also liked the bright, vibrant chevron pattern she used and how it made the black and white photo pop!  So those are the things I made sure to get on my first layout.

On this layout, which I rotated to fit my pictures, I inked the two white tags to make them pop off the background and to match the color scheme.  I added buttons, letter stickers for Grace and Mommy, flocked butterflies, and paper punched flowers that I made by wetting and scrunching some die cut flowers.
The paper I used here is from my favorite collection right now.  It is Echo Park Country Drive.  I used Color Splash Studio, an app for my Mac, to convert the photo to black and white then add back selected colors.  Then I added the word Shine using Microsoft Word.

The second layout was perfect with the tags on top, so I kept the original.  This time I added different ribbons to the tags to draw attention to the birds that my daughter loves to watch in the feeder.

Neither of my layouts have one photo like the original.  You will rarely find a layout by me with one photo; it is too hard for me to choose just one!  But by making my photos smaller I am usually able to fit more on a layout.

I hope you have been inspired by my inspired layouts!  Next time you don't know what you want to do on a particular layout stop by Pinterest and before you know it you'll have too many ideas!  Thanks for stopping by!

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