Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Springtime Cheer!

Here in Cape Cod the weather was beautiful, sunny and in the 70's for 2 days.  The flowers are blooming and I saw my first butterfly of the season.  Butterflies and bright colors just say "happy" to me, so I made a very happy layout that I'd like to share.

I saw these photos and was blown away that my baby has landed right smack in the midst of toddlerhood!  She just looked so big to me and I had to scrap them.  The best part about the photos is that as they move from left to right she appears to get bigger.  This was how the photos were taken with the camera, but it would be possible to achieve with photo editing as well.

The colors here were chosen based on my daughter's booster seat as well as the pink butterflies on her shirt.  There was no getting around the LOUD booster seat colors, so I embraced them in all their springy glory.  I used the pink to bring out the color of the butterflies because  I wanted the viewer to connect the butterflies on her shirt to the ones on the layout and the theme of growth and change.

To make the butterflies, I used a Martha Stewart butterfly punch and folded the wings up so they'd look perched.  Then I used my glue pen to draw an outline around the wings then shook on some glitter in coordinating colors.  I wanted the butterflies to remain mostly white so they would stand out from the background and also tie in with the title letters, which were made on my Sizzix with the Night and Day font.

And that's about it!  A simple layout, but one that makes me smile every time I walk by it on display in the kitchen.  I'll be back tomorrow with more springtime fun!

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