Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Grace's Battle with the Spoon!

All children must, at some point, learn to use something besides their hands to eat.  I always just took for granted that little fact.  I mean, I know how to use a fork and spoon so I must have learned somehow.  Not until you are a mom of an almost-toddler do you REALLY think about such a thing.  Not until you have to clean yogurt off the cat do you question HOW that learning process happens.  But if you are a scrapbooker (or crazy I guess) you don't care about the mess as long as you get it on film!  The day my daughter took the spoon out of the bowl to feed herself was a proud (albeit messy!) moment and I HAD to run for the camera.

This layout gave me a TON of trouble from beginning to end.  I did not plan on taking photos that day (as you often don't when it comes to those everyday photo opportunities) and didn't think about color coordination or anything.  As a result Grace is wearing a brown flower jumper, baby blue bib and eating from a bright purple bowl!  When I laid the pictures out to scrapbook them I cringed.  I actually had to put them away for a couple of days and come back to them!  I could have converted them to black and white but I had already printed them according to the sketch I planned on using and hate to waste ink.

This is the sketch I was working off of.  These girls, so talented, publish several books of sketches like these and can be found at

I had been wanting to do a layout with a large circle in the center, so I chose this one.  But I just could not find a combination of papers that suited these photos.  However, a trip to Michael's was all I needed.  There I got the vintage looking patterned paper, the purple paper, the purple flowers and the brass brads.  From there the page came together easily!

The paper was vintage looking, so the rest of the page followed.  However, it is vintage in a "Kristy" kind of way with a bright purple heart and flower patterned circle!  To follow the vintage look, I hand cut my title letters and sprayed them with some bronze spray ink.  I then outlined them in brown marker so they'd stand out.  The little letter stickers just complete the look!  The title itself was my husband's idea because it looked like Grace was in battle with the spoon!

The light brown card stock strips that run along the length of the layout were punched with my doily-looking edge punch (EK Success) to add to the old-world look.  I also rounded some edges of it and my photos with my corner rounder (X-Acto).   I used VersaMark ink to stamp some flowers onto the strips for a subtle look.  It also adds a bit of shine to the card stock.

The flowers (my new favorite toy!) are Recollections brand and come in several vibrant colors.  You also get a huge amount for a mere $6.99.  Very nice!  I put some brass brads in the center to coordinate with the number patterned paper.

And that is it!  Once I got the materials gathered the page came together nicely.  Proof that you CAN scrap those hideously un-matched photos of meaningful everyday moments in the lives of your children.  I'll be back tomorrow with another layout, this one more whimsical and bright!  Please take a moment and stop by my Facebook page and "Like" it for a chance to win a prize when I hit 50 Likes!
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